28 April 2012 @ 06:42 pm
welp this was way overdue  

friends only/intro post

Hi! My name is Jane, I'm 21, and I currently live in the UK with my wonderful boyfriend (we got engaged on 23/09/12!) This is the best picture of us together, ever. I am stupidly obsessed with kpop (SM-biased, particularly Super Junior and SNSD, but I love everyone really) and I also like J-music, sleeping, eating, napping, PIXELS , dreaming of interior decorating, playing Sims 2, travelling, shopping, and sleeping some more. I'm terrified of spiders I mostly talk about my real life here with a few random explosions of oppa every now and then. I read everything on my flist and try to comment as much as possible!

My old friends-only post was a) ugly and b) very old, so I just threw this one together today and made it a sticky post so I can update it whenever. Leave me a comment if you want to be added, I'm always on the lookout for anyone who has similar interests and still updates their livejournal

You can also find me at the following places:

moonprincesses @ tumblr jongwoonz @ twitter kanginese @ last.fm

I think that's about it but don't hesitate to ask anything
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