11 October 2010 @ 07:18 am
A 30-day meme which I shamelessly nicked from [livejournal.com profile] noraehaeyo and [livejournal.com profile] nakaleteme :D/ Might leave this one public actually since I never really had a proper intro post...

day 01 - introduce yourself
day 02 – your first love
day 03 – your parents
day 04 – what you ate today
day 05 – your definition of love
day 06 – your day
day 07 – your best friend
day 08 – a moment
day 09 – your beliefs
day 10 – what you wore today
day 11 – your siblings
day 12 – what's in your bag
day 13 – this week
day 14 – what you wore today
day 15 – your dreams
day 16 – your first kiss
day 17 – your favorite memory
day 18 – your favorite birthday
day 19 – something you regret
day 20 – this month
day 21 – another moment
day 22 – something that upsets you
day 23 – something that makes you feel better
day 24 – something that makes you cry
day 25 – a first
day 26 – your fears
day 27 – your favorite place
day 28 – something that you miss
day 29 – your aspirations
day 30 – one last moment

Well hey, I'm Jane, I'm 19 years old, and there are recent photos of what my face looks like here.

I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and I hate my city more than pretty much anything. It actually used to upset me thinking that I had to live there for much longer (I spent pretty much the entirety of last summer sitting in my house because I just didn't want to go out in it lmfao) but I now live in Swansea, in Wales. I'm attending university here, studying French and Latin as a joint honours degree. As those of you on my flist know, I'm having an amazing time here, being genuinely happy irl for the first time in months, and moving away from home for university has been one of the best things I've ever done.

Family-wise, I'm an only child, and half-English (my dad's side of the family live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and I don't get to see them that often). I absolutely adore being an only child, and my extended family make up for any sort of "loneliness" I could ever feel (my uncles in particular are very boss). My parents are pretty cool: my mum is more like a big sister than a mother most of the time, I can talk to her about anything and she has been known to send me texts saying "you go girl!" if I tell her I've met a nice guy when I'm out at night here, haha. She's absolutely a cool mum (and I've even got her interested in some of my fandoms, haha, she helped pay for me to go to SMTown in LA this year!). My dad and I mostly bond over watching Black Books or Blackadder together; he's a little bad at showing emotions but my mum told me she caught him crying one morning before I moved out to Swansea because I was leaving, and she's only ever seen him cry about three times in her life, so. We fight sometimes, my dad and I, but he cares. He's just a little awkward at showing it.

Okay, the important stuff? I am a big fan of Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, miss A and Teen Top. I like a bunch of other groups and solo artists too (Big Bang, Ivy, U-KISS, B2ST, MBLAQ etc etc) but those are my main fandoms. In terms of biases, in list form because I can't think of a neater way to do it:

Super Junior: Yesung, Kangin, Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi, Sungmin
SHINee: Key
SNSD: Hyoyeon
miss A: Jia
Teen Top: Niel

If any of you guys follow me on Twitter or are friends with me here you will have no doubt witnessed me flipping my shit about any and all of those people. I also am still deeply in love with m-flo and Ayumi Hamasaki and some jrock groups such as The GazettE and Girugamesh. Then there's also JJ Lin and alan and I'm just going to shut up now but basically I LIKE QUITE A LOT OF MUSIC.

My favourite movie of all time is Curse of the Golden Flower, I could quite literally watch it every night for the rest of my life and not get sick of it. It makes me cry hysterically every single time I watch it, haha. Other movies I really love are Raise The Red Lantern, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Kansen (Infection), The Quiet Family, Sick Nurses and Secret Reunion. Again, there are a shitload of other movies that I like too, but these pretty much top my list. I am also a rabid fan of anything Monty Python ever did. My favourite book is (still) The Picture of Dorian Gray, with L'Etranger by Albert Camus coming a close second. I also really enjoy Haruki Murakami's books.


I am only JUST 5'2'' and tend to be the shortest person in any group, but I kind of like being a shortass. I've been dying my hair for about three or four years now (had a neon pink fringe at one point) and it is currently black. Took a while to work up the courage for that one, but I'm really liking the colour :D I've had two serious relationships in my life, one of which ended well and we would have gotten back together this year if he hadn't had to move to London, and one of which ended horrendously (he is now engaged to my ex-best friend, so yeah).

I play World of Warcraft and have done for about two years now, although I've gone on hiatus while I get settled into uni/actually do some work. My main is a level 71 Blood Elf warlock who I love to death, I am all about the warlock class. I will nerd out about this game massively any time I am given half a chance, I even own several fiction novels based on it and a fair number of models of in-game characters, not even going to lie.

I love shoes and I love my iPod (his name is Merlin) and I love cityscapes and I really love watches. I'm running out of things to say lmfao but I think I've probably rambled on enough? If there's ever anything you want to know about me you can just ask me anyway, I don't tend to particularly keep things about myself a secret :D/

And actually, if I'm going to be using this as my actual intro post, I may as well add that you can find me on Twitter, tumblr, and Facebook. I also have a writing comm where I mostly post fanfiction. And that's about it!

I am 100% going to bed now, I have to wake up at some point today and do that bloody French homework /mournfully sets alarm
Current Mood: hungry
Current Music: Jolene -- Dolly Parton
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