01 January 2011 @ 10:47 pm

Picture-heavy but if you're crazy like me a Super Junior fan, that won't faze you lmao. Sungmin's belated birthday post and a love post for Zhou Mi since he's having kind of a rough time ♥

Sungmin is amazing because behind that cute fluffy giggly exterior he is actually pretty filthy, and he knows it. It is simply the best of both worlds and I hope he keeps on keeping on for many years to come \8D/

I'm all like ">( y u like this" when he has his down days, thinks he's not great or that he's not talented. Dude, so maybe he's not the best singer in Super Junior, or the best dancer, but if you ask me he's pretty much the most all-round talented out of the lot of them. He's a great singer (his voice is actually my third favourite), a great dancer, spectacularly flexible, skilled in martial arts, funny and charismatic, and plays about a million different instruments, just for starters. Plus he can fool people into thinking he's a pumpkin, come on.

Oh and for the record, teaching your cat to use the toilet is both amazing and commendable and everyone who side-eyed him is insane and doesn't appreciate art ok ok.

I'm sure most of you have heard that Zhou Mi has, at least temporarily, packed in his weibo because he was hacked and summarily torn to shreds by people who think he's lying about it/is Satan incarnate/the usual crap. ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE

Besides anything else, he would have absolutely no motive to lie about being hacked. What with having to fend off hundreds of hate messages on a daily basis while simultaneously doing his job and also acting as, you know, the sun for everyone on earth and all that, why would he ever want to invite more problems or cause a scandal for himself? Taking this into account, of course, would involve being rational and reasonable and, alas, this is kpop.

I'm not even going to bother going into an "omg only13s y u suck!!!1" thing because not every only13er is like that, some of them just keep quiet and go on with their lives. But it sucks that anyone should have to deal with being hated and sent abusive messages every day just for doing what they love. It is genuinely beyond me that anyone could hate Zhou Mi, who gets excited about little fluffy dogs and garishly spangly watches and wants to sing and be part of his group so much that he works himself until he's sick, until he passes out, and he reports all this in a cheery manner because it means he got to finish recording that song, got one step further to finishing the album, just got to do what he's passionate about. I kind of fail to see what's so offensive about his existence, sry.

Zhou Mi is one of the most amazing idols I know of because he takes all the crap people throw at him, thanks them for making him a stronger person, and still continues to bounce about being a beautiful rainbow and living life to the fullest. A lot of other people would have cracked or quit before this, but he just keeps on going, and it's not fair at all that people keep trying to bring him down for nothing. He has a lot of good friends who'll be there for him, and a fanclub who are currently cocking shotguns, but he is essentially hated for living now, and I will never be able to wrap my head around how this lovely, thoughtful, funny man could ever deserve that.

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