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01 January 2011 @ 10:47 pm

Picture-heavy but if you're crazy like me a Super Junior fan, that won't faze you lmao. Sungmin's belated birthday post and a love post for Zhou Mi since he's having kind of a rough time ♥

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deep cover gecko


I edited that picture a little in Photoshop but because this monitor makes everything look so washed-out it probably looks like hell. IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS. Hyukjae picspam time? I think so.

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I love Hyukjae because HE IS THE ANCHOVY OF ASIA. He's an amazing dancer, amazing, and he always seems to enjoy himself, but it's also clear that he cares deeply about the other members. Plus people who have a big Eunhyuk bias always seem to be really nice! They must make him proud, they're the example of good fans ♥

It'd be really cool to share a birthday with a Super Junior member, haha. The closest to me is Donghae (October 15th)... that's not even the same month :( Do you ever think people suit their birth months, though? I think Kangin (January) and Leeteuk (July) match their personalities well, for some reason. Haha, I think about this in my spare time...
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